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Western Stage Props
Props of all kinds for the Wild West performer or enthusiast. Ropes, throwing knives, prop guns, whips of all kinds. A great selection of videos too.



Joe Strain


A fantastic U.S. Based whip maker. Joe Makes a lot of my whips including the one that I used to set both of my Guinness Book records of 222 cracks in 60 seconds. Joe has made me whips ranging from four feet to twenty-five feet in length. Joe is also responsible for the whips used by Haley Barry in Catwoman and the whips used in the movie "The Legend of Zorro" staring Antonio Banderas. If you've seem my show, you've seen Joe's whips in action.

Paul Nolan
Paul is based out of Los Angeles, CA

. Paul's whips have been featured in both television and movies including "The Rundown"

staring the Rock.

David Morgan
The grand-daddy of whip makers responsible for the design and production of the Indiana Jones whips. When I was a kid, all I wanted was a Morgan.



Russell Schultz
Heralding from Australia, Russell is one of the finest in the business.

Simon Martin, Whip Maker
A whip maker and whip cracker from Tasmania, Australia



Nylon whips are a great economical choice over kangaroo or other hides. Great for the beginner who may not have a lot of money to spend and great for the professional who desires a good alternative to other materials not suitable for some climates. Plus nylon comes in some really cool colors too.

When I need a nylon whip for me or anyone else, these are the guys I go to.

Steve Huntress - NEA Whips

Rhett Kelley

Nylon 'Florida-Style' Cow whips and bullwhips




Whip Basics -

A Beginner's Guide
- Robert Amper
Written and hosted by Robert Amper, this 2-disc DVD set is a must for anyone wanting to learn how to crack a whip. This is the first ever instructional whipcracking video to be focus tested and recut 9 times. The most effective learning aid for anyone new to whips and whipcracking.




Let's Get Cracking - The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills
- Robert Dante
If you want to crack a bullwhip, or if you already crack whips, this book is for you.

Bullwhip expert and teacher Robert Dante shares the ins and outs of whip cracking, from beginning to advanced levels of ability. He covers the dynamics of safe bullwhip handling, basic cracks, elementary tricks and stunts, advanced whip cracking routines and flashes, professional performing, whips as exercise for fitness, whip maintenance, using two-handed whips and blacklight nylon whips,

and much more.




The Bullwhip FAQ

World Wide Whips
A really cool whip Collector's Page

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